january 2022

hi for the love of god hello! it's january 4th right now but i'm just doing a little setup work — i've already have stuff to say. i suppose verb tenses can get a little wonky by the end of this month / log.


my main project / focus at the moment! as i've mentioned on last month's log, originally a follow-up to TRANSGENDERIZE THE ESCHATON but it's evolved and shifted into something rather different. on my main page i called it a "zine about the man-made cosmic horror of data, featuring the transgender antichrist", and i guess that's a way to put it.

i'm not entirely sure what to call it honestly, i love zine as a catchall term and i suppose you could say it's cosmic horror, even if i don't intend it to be scary. i don't think i quite have a say on that though. i've had my art called macabre and horror at times, and while i'm flattered about it, it tends to be unintentional. i suppose it's just my love for the genre bleeding through. i love some cool ass monsters and a sense of incomprehensible distance and alienation. and i love when people tell me of unexpected things my art reminds them of! it always opens a new area of investigation.

no drawings / paintings as of yet, so you'll have to watch this space (or my tumblr) or come back by the end of the month. don't have a title either, not even a working title, so that's a bit of an issue.