april 2023

howdy :3


ok so we're back at it! heading somewhere! i switched off anti-aliasing for my main brush and i think it's been giving pretty fun results. nice to switch things up once in a while :)

abstract digital painting. evokes a white obelisk or tower against a blurry brown background. wires and guts spilling out its spine. abstract digital painting. some sort of colorful marine creature, mostly earth tones. pixelized.

i never have much to say about artbreeder paintovers (and synthetic paintovers in general). idk, i just needed to decompress real quick. first one took me about 30 minutes (kero kero bonito - civilisation) and the second an hour (green day - american idiot).

brightly colored digital painting of one two-bodied figure / two fused figures, legs intertwined, breasts touching. simple digital drawing. a nude transexual angel with five wings, in desaturated browns, lavenders and greens

these two were warmups rather than finished pieces, but i've plans of putting a little more time on a similar piece as we speak. featuring fucked up post apocalyptic megastructures mayhaps ^_^

the nonexistent knight

category v yuri event ahead. drives me kinda crazy that i can't draw them kissing ngl. of course that's the whole point but !! ← so tasty to go crazy about the scenario i invented myself

rough digital drawing, knight of a bust from the back, head in profile. gauntlets drape over her shoulder and grip her blue plume close-up of a dark gauntlet gently holding a blue plume hips and thighs of a knight, nude underneath her dark grey armor. a light gauntlet rests upon her thigh

i also made them a page here on the site. it's a wip and i'll take it slow, mostly just collecting things in one place. i wanna make a more fun and intricate layout when i can. there's a specific piece i'd like to work on for the background / frame but i've been kinda procrastinating it because i don't think i can quite do it justice yet.

digital sketch, based on the painting 'the meeting on the turret stairs'. a knight in white armor, seen from the back, the crease of her elbow kissed by a knight in dark clothes

commission work

some commissions for people on flight rising:

digital painting, half body. a purple snapper dragon, accented with glowing orange-red streaks. he wears a mini crown, a jester's collar, and a harlequin cloak, in shades of purple and orange. his wings are likewise harlequin.

for kaleran

digital drawing. portrait of a muted green anthropomorphic feline with a brighter green mane, four ears and four metal-tipped horns.

for hunt



movies and series

books and manga

i'm also reading last things: death and the apocalypse in the middle ages but they're pretty dense essays (as someone with no academic background on the subject whatsoever) so it's slow going and i shouldn't be dual wielding. but that's neither here nor there. also started dungeon meshi, which i should have done sooner because it's really fun and there's a lot of "he just like me fr" moments with laios ^_^

till next month!