may 2023

hi! some highs and lows this month! feels like it lasted forever! might be developing a rsi! need to get really invested and obsessed in my art and work with a laser focus on something that only means anything to me personally! but i have a boring job i don't put any effort into! dear god i need to feel every emotion in the world at once!!

^ um. anyway. i died a thousand times in the first half of the month. the second half was better and there were only a few hundred deaths or so.

new on the site: updates to my art gallery, now better separated by theme so i have more room to talk about stuff if i want to. as the site naturally grows, i fear its structure is becoming rather convoluted. sure, it's still on a human-manageable scale, but a single human over time becomes equivalent to several. if you know what i mean. like a fucked up house. like the winchester house or something. but then again, this is a little beast of 50mb. which sometimes feels like a lot, sometimes like not much. i can quickly check for dead links and fix them when i make a big change (thank you, but big changes themselves are a little intimidating. anyway! i'll probably also add a section for commissions eventually when i'm feeling less lazy.

also five new lesbian vampire movie reviews. i uh. watched more vampire movies than i realized this month.


you might notice a theme with the art i did this month lmao. i've been on a certain state of mind. i have actually drawn a few things that are easier to show polite company but they're a set of badges for a dominance event over at flight rising, so i'll only post them next month, after they've gone live.

digital painting, a grasycale spike field. two pairs of colorful abstract angels are fucking in the spikes.

yipee! post-post-apocalyptic t4t indulgence! i'm particularly proud of my color picking for the blowjob in the left. i don't think color picking is my strong suit, and landing these values / saturation first try was kinda surprising. goes to show the strength of a basic grayscale foundation i suppose. anyway, more of a sketch than anything else, to get the idea and vibes down. this might get included into dataplankton once i figure out a way, because yknow. transhuman post-apocalyptic joy and all needs some sucking and fucking.

suggestive digital drawing in shades of lavender and blue. two abstracted transexual angel lovers kiss and embrace
digital drawing. red and blue abstracted angels lie down in embrace
suggestive monochrome digital drawing. two transexual angels embrace, and their dicks coil around one another like mating slugs

referenced from Limax maximus snails mating. of course

digital drawing in shades of bright green. two abstracted figures spooning. digital drawing. a knight in dark armor, her visor raised, kisses a knight in white, her visor down.

chill sketch. i really need to make a reference sheet for these two because i was winging so many things. worth it so i can see them outside my brain however :3



movies and series

also, of course, succession is over and holy shit that was really good.

books and manga

as i post this, i'm currently reading the enterprise of death by jesse bullington, and enjoying it quite a bit :)

i'm also at half my reading goal for this year, which is 40 books — lower than last year because i had really slow months. we're so back though.

cya! hope something lgbt happens to you next month! and to me as well of course :3