october 2022

hiii how are you! it's october so i switched up the color palette a little bit ^v^

october's been rough. i'd been in the trenches for years and years by the 15th. politics are a wreck, i've been really stressed out. lula did win !! but my state's in the trenches and senate's in the trenches and it's just not gonna be easy to recover from this shitshow yknow? i wish i was more elated but i'm just vaguely relieved, like i've crossed something out of a to-do list. i just want this year to be over with. by the way if anything on this log sounds tonally dissonant it's because the election was only decided on the 30th, but i write during the whole month, so this is a rather non-linear piece of writing :0

my thesis on the other hand has been progressing very well, i'm really comfortable with navigating godot and working on 3d now, i've been learning more programming (python through exercism, but gdscript is similar) and it's all coming together a lot more. you know when you're painting and you're like "yeah man this looks good, i'll just add a little more detail" and then you emerge from rendering and realize what you had before was basically just a sketch? is this too specific of an example? i mean that everything i was considering just a finishing touch has been adding up to something that looks a lot more polished and finished and overall better.

an interesting read: a new taxonomy for the 21st century, about messages and posts and articles and pages. btw i'm @soll over on cohost, i keep forgetting to link it. i don't post much but it's a nice place!

new on site: the silent body horror of vampirism — an outline. not as in depth as i wanted, but i preferred to just let it out in the moonlight. it's october afterall. then i talked a little about web design and control (not the game). i also changed my navigation structure into an index, separate from my homepage, so it should be more straightforward now.

fuck rounded corners

youtube got a hideous redesign this month, here's a very hacky userscript that makes all the corners pointy again, and gets rid of the HIDEOUS playlist gradient background. i tried to keep the avatars round but i also didn't want to spend too much on it so it only works on the first page (not on your subscriptions, not on comments, not on your own avatar). i also more or less changed the background back to a lighter gray (who the fuck thinks pitch black is a good dark mode idea?) but there are so many goddamn color variables that it doesn't fully revert the changes. their css was never meant to be human readable afterall (gross).

// ==UserScript==
// @name         ROUND CORNERS FUCK OFF!!!
// @version      0.1
// @description  I DONT CARE JUST YEET THESE!!!
// @match*
// @grant        GM_addStyle
// @run-at       document-start
// ==/UserScript==

GM_addStyle ( `
    * {
        border-radius: 0px !important;
        --yt-spec-base-background: #272727 !important; /* change if you use light mode! #eee is nice */
        --yt-spec-badge-chip-background: transparent !important; /* video description */

    #avatar {
        border-radius: 50px !important;

		.ytd-playlist-header-renderer {
        background: var(--yt-spec-base-background) !important;
` );

strictly speaking this could just be a userstyle, but i'd rather not have a whole other browser extension just for those, so tampermonkey it is. anyway, feel free to plop this into stylus or whatever. if you use light mode during the day and dark at night you'll probably need to mess with media queries to deal with the background, but i didn't wanna mess with that because i'm the one using the script and i haven't seen a light mode website in eons. did you know youtube has a pure white background? why do they want to kill us. death to #fff.


here's another batch of ceramics, i actually made these before all the others on last month's log, but they were fired afterwards. the little leafy shaped dish has always been my favorite!

top view of three glazed, brick-colored pieces. one is a shalow, uneven dish with the faint drawing of a transgender angel. one is a deeper, leaf shaped dish with the mixed spoke of the transgender symbol. one is a simple round bowl angled view of the pieces

i've still got more stuff to be fired, including my final project which is fun on paper (calling it ritual purposes in my mind, it's abstract yonic-phallic statuettes) but i'm just so burnt out and exhausted from everything general and this fucking prof in particular that i just want it to be over with. also there are only so many ways you can make dick and tits and pussy when you're not particularly good at sculpture.

there's no other art this month. i organize my art by month, and i always hate seeing empty folders (well, there's photos in there). but like. i have been sketching traditionally and stuff, i just didn't have the time and processing power to draw digitally. which is fine. i shouldn't be too hard on myself just because couldn't get around to finishing that one painting. there was so much on my plate this month -_-


movies and series

i've also started mob psycho season 3 and chainsaw man, but yknow, they're not finished yet and i've read the manga for both and love them. seeing pochita animated in particular is just so 🥺

anyway, i've still got a lot more lesbian vampire movies on my watchlist (nine i think), so a full recap will probably be on december, which is a nice way to wrap up the year. i'm not actually trying to suck the genre dry, i just picked whatever sounded interesting from the wikipedia article. my general watchlist is so long too, and these movies can be annoying to track down, so i might not go through them all this year. in any case, if you have any recommendations i'm currently looking exclusively for the most elusive vampires of all: black and / or butch and / or trans. tall order, but i've got enough white femmes already. horror books would also be nice. and honestly if you've got a horror movie that meets those specs it doesn't even have to be a vampire. i'm starved.


books and manga

well, and that brings us to the end of october! i hope it treated you better than it did me lmao ^v^

happy halloween >:3c