as it stands right now, social media is complete bullshit and will fuck artists over like it's their sacred duty. the algorithmic rat race has left us like cold wet chihuahuas, shivering and shaking in the gutter. it doesn't have to be that way, and i feel great joy on taking my time to collect my thoughts and art in this way. it feels more solid and substantial, more constructive and empowering.

the monthly logs were particularly inspired by helveticablanc's zines. i do think it'd be cool to format these as little zines / newsletters — i love skeuomorphism — but raw html with a simple css is just more practical for you and me both. i might play around with that in the future, but for now it's just me and atom against the world.

as for the marrow logs... i find the pair "digest" / "food for thought" interesting. how far can i push the eating analogy? these are sporadic articles on specific topics i've been gnawing on. they aren't very meaty, but after the bones are picked clean, there's still some marrow to suck on. or something.

i hope you find these interesting. perhaps they even inspire you to take it slow. blogging is forever.

logs usually go up on the last day of the month, sometimes one or two days late. i always update the website's rss too.