july 2023

heyo. extremely dry opening this month because idk what to say. hope you're doing well :)

i'm vaguely hanging out in gemini more often, so i'll link my capsule again. if you're unfamiliar with gemini, it's an internet protocol like http, which we use on the web. i dunno technical details but it's really pared down to nearly text-only (although images are possible and i think audio / basically any other file is too. they're just not the focus). anyway you'll need a client. i use lagrange. but hey it's by design free of ads, tracking and the like, so by extension corporations in general. anyway, i've started a little art share over there, just links to pieces i particularly liked that week. gemini has a lot of techies and not enough artists is my opinion, so i'm doing my part a little bit.

my usual link share and stuff:


it's that time of the year again baby! my profile is more or less the best way to view these with all proper attributions and stuff. and also see my defenses! i'm very grateful for all the art i got, love seeing my little guys ^_^

halfbody drawing of a bright blue anthropomorphic weevil wearing a dark robe and holding a book drawing of an anthropomorphic moth wearing a white tunic and trousers digital painting of a white and purple equine-like creature with fish features. they're standing on purple grass by the water. the sky is bright blue, cut by ice rings

this cool fella is garblegarden's. check out their website! paintings don't tend to look great indexed (i jpeg them) but i think it looks kinda cool here

drawing of an anthropomorphic black vulture kneeling, holding a tarot card drawing of an anthropomorphic sphinx cat in a nun's habit sitting on a tombstone, lifting their hem to reveal their crossed legs monochrome digital painting of a werewolf with a skull head, skeletal wing-like protusions on their back and a skeletal tail. the background is dark and moody, with trees that resemble outstretched hands.

personal art

acrylic painting. a pure cobalt blue sky above a terracotta plain. a large white shape like a radiolarian skeleton takes up most of the canvas digital painting. metallic radiolarian skeletons litter a crimson plain under a green sky. a knight in partial dark armor straddles one in white. the shadows are harsh and facing the wrong direction.

you know what, i get to make fanart of my own project (which is itself derivative of a dead italian man). as a treat.

crop a crop focusing on the knights



movies and series

books and manga

see ya =ôwô=