august 2023

hi how're you doing. feeling very personal bloggy so here's a little bit of fluff.

first half of the month i had a really weird time at work. i finished work on a project around july 20th and for a change i wasn't even told to fiddle with any details or anything. and then i just didn't get assigned anything else for three weeks. still got paid. nobody brought it up. i can't really complain but it was so weird. vulnerable. i can only assume it's more convenient to keep me on tap than bothering with freelancers. also they like my work? which is wild to me, i think i really faked it till i made it.

well anyway, i also organized my music library. the yt-dlp + musicbrainz picard combo is so so good, it's as frictionless as it gets. don't let the command line intimidate you, it's so much better than trying to find a website or software; i used to use 4k video downloader bc it was the least bad and it still sucked ass. this way you never have to deal with any ads or bad ui or anything. with yt-dlp -x --audio-format mp3 [link] you can conquer the world. it supports so many sites and also video. go forth.

i'd pretty much stopped downloading music when covid hit, since i could just put whatever on youtube on my laptop. but having a neat library of albums on my phone and computer and external hd and old ipod nano is just much more my style. can't wait to have the last laugh when we're at the beach with no internet and i get to have my friends listen to angelspit. plus i get to use qmmp, which is lighter and more reliable than youtube and has cute skins that bring a lot of joy. (currently using an edited version of this g1 my little pony skin (i feel awkward putting it up on, but here it is on mediafire, it increases legibility in the main window), rather uncharacteristic but very cute. and i'm not immune to anime and i might make something custom that matches my siphonophore wallpaper)

lastly, i'm finally finally actually for real this time no clickbait getting things in order for moving. getting out of hell and back into what's by some metrics also hell but like, the devil you know and all that. five and a half years i've spent in limbo but no more. i lost my optimism from burning my dick too many times this past year — move got delayed time and time again because of course it did — but i'm considering that maybe i can think about setting the stage for pursuing hrt sometime in late october. yes that's a lot of verbs because i know something like "getting an appointment late october" is doomed to fail. my goal was to finally get some fucking hormonce in this body this year and there might still be time but like. literally eleventh hour most likely. all because obviously things can't go smoothly and i'll be away for three weeks in sept/oct. yes i'm chewing off my own back about all this.

um. yeah that's a lot. uh. new on the site: i've posted my lesbian analysis of the barbie movie, barbie (2023) loves women but um. not in that way ♡. also: update to dataplankton; turns out i'm branching the story for act 2. i'm still unsure of where everything will end up but i have at least one "ending" in mind. it's not a story in the usual sense (because i'm bad at them) so 1) i'm not too worried about that and 2) i might be better off calling is a conclusion. either way, that's one more container for projecting my brainworms. i've added to the nonexistent knight as well; i really wanna post agilulf's death/sex scene but i've gotta lay some groundwork first. can't have the payoff without the setup. boo.

and for link share time :)


messy digital drawing of lucatiel of mirrah, resting her chin on her knee. her shirt is fallen off her shoulder, revealing one of her breasts.

lucatiel..... i love her so much. souslborne melancholy women make me crazy. i really liked this lofi indexing. the original is on tumblr; it's just a sketch. i love her so much. fighting for my life to find references though, the bloodborne wiki runs laps around the other souls' fextralifes. i'm aware her hollowed patch is on the wrong side but like. it wouldn't really show otherwise now would it.

glitched painting of a red radiolarian skeleton upon a white plain, under a pitch black sky

glitched with jpglitch. i could fork it or send a pr or whatever bc i changed the script so files get appended the current time, so making several versions is way less cumbersome (otherwise it'll just overwrite the same image again and again). won't be doing that though. just import time and add str(time.strftime("%H%M%S")) to the part where it saves. don't even need to know python. i sure don't



had a very visual novel heavy start of the month, mostly by accident — they're just so easy to get into since the format is consistent, and it helps that they're mostly ren'py and run beautifully in linux. the steam vn fest felt uncanny in its timing.

movies and series

books and manga

buh bye bye