november 2023

hi! back at it again with another artlog, this month kinda flew by. no site updates, no personal blogging — except to mention (since i talked about my ipod before), that i found out that little bastard just doesn't respect the pause button. it will stay put for a while, but then you put the earbuds back on and it just. has been playing your album for the past few minutes. or you've finished your album and now it's playing your entire library on shuffle. thought i was going insane who the fuck wants that. doesn't help that my earbuds are failing and giving some weird ghost inputs too. might have to get a real mp3 player soon.


art has been uhh. i wanna become a big old nerd wholeheartedly devoted to my own work but unfortunately i go through the trenches relentlessly. well. i might be clawing my way out into we're so back territory. as long as i don't think about hrt i'm fine.

digital painting, warm midtone grays, deep black shadows. two abstracted figures, winged, tentacled, fuck atop a structure.

painted this one on the 27th after nearly two months of nothing lmao. i knowwww resting periods and whatever but it gnaws at me not to create.

i also made a "pre-study" — no real reference vibes-only — and real study of an yves tanguy painting. the study is kinda whatever so i put a kaleidoscope'd version of it. you can click for the OG.

acrylic painting. harsh shadows, white background. pale pink radiolarian skeleton, obelisk, and curved shape. . abstract kaleidoscope, greys and primary colors



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see you soon!