january 2024

hi! not much to talk about this month tbh. not much going on, honestly for the best. between hrt and not having to work, i feel pleasantly neutral for once. was able to complete an art project so that's nice. i do very much need to go back to painting traditionally though, that's one of february's goals (as i work towards figuring out just What i wanna do for my master's project — possibly a more polished version of the nonexistent knight yuri or dataplankton. maybe i should devote myself to finishing the latter next month as well.)



most of my art this month has been for the vn, which was a really nice project to work on. pretty low stakes and let me focus on just getting it finished. some parts were like milking stone (i don't like drawing interiors and furniture at all...) but overall a very satisfactory process. also drew the whale fall fursona twice as warmups, need to draw them more! oh and i got a new, larger drawing tablet. really should have upgraded way way earlier because this is so much more comfortable. drew jesus erotica to test it out in the wild.

the visual novel (bertha)

yeah i finished my entry for the queer vampire jam this month! it's based off a segment of carmilla, a story within a story that functions as a bit of a cautionary tale for laura. while i'd have liked to make a homage to the kind of 70s-80s movie that really represents the lesbian vampire trope to me that felt a little too ambitious. maybe i was overly cautious, but i'd never worked with renpy before, and there's a lot of assets that go into a vn. so i'm pretty content with my restrained scope, because it meant actually making something. can you imagine me not even attempting at an interactive fiction jam focused on queer vampires. it's my fucking hole it's made for me. i can always just make more stuff in the future.



focusing on not starting new stuff bc i have a chunky backlog. working on touhou 7, i'm getting much better and i really wanna beat the game this year (i thought i was gonna do it last year but i was put in a bit of a meat grinder and forgor) (btw i stg sakuya wasn't selectable from the beginning. i always play reimu)

movies and series

books and manga

i also started bachelard's the poetics of space but it kicked my ass so it's pretty much a dnf. couldn't finish the first chapter sadly. i'd love to power through it in the future but right now i decided to just move on so i could read more things.

see you soon!