welcome to my twisted construction site

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hi, this page is an eternal WIP. it currently serves as a sort of hub for anything i want to host online. my pages are in english and portuguese (not all at once though; they're not translated, just different things in different languages).

i'm Sol (they / them)! i like the internet to feel like home and my current mood is perpetually kinda nostalgic <3

my site is an open book. feel free to inspect my code, maybe wince a bit, modify and steal. i just ask that you please don't pluck my dollmaker wholesale; i'm very proud of it and it has personal significance. if you want to make something similar, change the images!


(abstract) dollmaker

gallery (poke around. it's a bit of an index too)


home page (cool links i like. about The Internet)



tumblr (i post art here!)

itch.io (also art but different)