image compression enthusiast

a painting of an angel, abstracted and resembling a cross, inside a glass box, its skin cut open and folded back revealing an empty body cavity. the image is dithered and overlaid in magenta.

hi, welcome home. i'm Sol! this site is an evolving collage, a memento box, one of my online brains.

the site is the current home of whatever it is i want homed more or less independently. that is, this site is whatever the hell i feel like putting on it at the moment. i highly enjoy that.

i strive to describe all images on this site through alt text, although my dollmaker will be perpetually undescribed. this site has light/dark themes, based on your browser's preference.

i avoid js like the plague (the dollmaker is yet another exception) on like, ideological levels. in some areas you'll also see indexed or otherwise compressed images, for the same reason: reducing bloat and having a website that loads fast and doesn't take up much room. i've written some of my thoughts on digital degrowth and conscious compression on my april 2022 artlog — i also recommend reading about permacomputing over at compudanzas and xxiivv.

the webmaster

names are Sol and (occasionally?) Venus. i'm a transexual androgyne (they/them), brazilian, artist and art student, born in 2001 and raised on the worldwide web (and now branching into gemini, an alternate internet protocol). i dislike capital letters, enjoy plaintext, and love talking about myself but am very bad at writing "about" blurbs. figured i'd give it a go anyway: i love reading about the people behind the sites i visit, so i'll give you something to read as well!

current projects: dataplankton webzine (hibernating due to time) and my bachelor's thesis (kind of twin heads of the same beast)

currently into: ...resting and sleeping... also vampires

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